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Written by Paul Buck // Jan 15th 2010 // No comments // respond // Tweet this // trackback
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Dynamic iden­tity for Con­verge, a series of events explor­ing the crossover between pho­tog­ra­phy, film­mak­ing and CG

Film­mak­ers are dis­cov­er­ing the free­dom of low-cost, high-quality meth­ods of real­is­ing their ideas with equip­ment more rou­tinely asso­ci­ated with stills pho­tog­ra­phy – SLR-sized cam­eras, prime and zoom lenses and a highly-mobile mentality.

We recently worked on the iden­tity for ‘Con­verge’, a series of events explor­ing this emerg­ing crossover between pho­tog­ra­phy, film­mak­ing and CG. It was an unusual project for us in the sense that we only devel­oped and deliv­ered the cen­tral mark – a con­verg­ing, dynamic RGB arrange­ment that can be seen as either a 2D graphic or 3D ‘cubes’ – and sug­ges­tion for accom­pa­ny­ing typog­ra­phy – before the out­come left our stu­dio and influence.

We don’t like to send our off­spring away from home and out to work before they’re com­pletely equipped for life. Hope­fully, they’ve left us well-dressed and, per­haps, they’ll come back home to visit us in the future for a bit more TLC.

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